IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Biomedical Conference

Physical conference - September 11th - 13th, 2023

About IMBioC

The IMBioC (International Microwave Biomedical Conference) is a conference merged from the annual IEEE MTT BioWireless Conference in the Radio Wireless Week, and the IEEE MTT IMWS-Bio (International Microwave Workshop Series on RF and Wireless Technologies for Biomedical and Healthcare Applications).

IMBioC is financially sponsored by IEEE MTT-S (Microwave Theory and Techniques Society) and technically sponsored by MTT-S, AP-S (Antenna and Propagation Society) and EMB-S (Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society). The papers in IMBioC are rigorously peer-reviewed and archived in the IEEE Xplore digital library. Each IMBioC is organized by individual steering committees with processes approved by the Executive Committee and MTT Meeting and Symposium Committee.  

Past IMBioC:

  • 2022 IMBioC – virtual
  • 2020 IMBioC at Toulouse, France
  • 2019 IMBioC at Nanjing, China
  • 2018 IMBioC at Philadelphia, PA
  • 2017 IMBioC at Gothenburg, Sweden
  • 2016 BioWireless at Austin, CA
  • 2015 IMWS-Bio at Taipei, Taiwan
  • 2015 BioWireless at San Diego, CA
  • 2014 IMWS-Bio at London, UK
  • 2014 BioWireless at Newport Beach, CA
  • 2013 IMWS-Bio at Singapore
  • 2013 BioWireless at Austin, TX
  • 2012 BioWireless at Santa Clara, CA
  • 2011 BioWireless at Phoenix, AZ

Current Executive Committee (2023)

  • C. Chiao (Chair)
  • Katia Grenier
  • Alessandra Costanzo
  • Robert Caverly
  • Yong Xin Guo
  • Dominique Schreurs
  • Milica Popovic
  • Hong Hong
  • Chung Tse
  • Michael Wu
  • Dietmar Kissinger


The IMBioC logo was designed by J.-C. Chiao and Katia Grenier on Oct. 19 2015.

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